Seriously, what is better for you? – A Shopify Plus vs. Magento Enterprise review

There are a lot of ecommerce platforms out there and all of them have a lot of different options and perks to offer you as a business owner. And while having a large variety of choice can be a good thing, when it comes to choosing the perfect platform all of this choices can really make your job much more difficult. However, if you are looking for a platform that can accommodate an enterprise level business, then we have to admit that your choices are much more limited, and some of the more serious contenders are Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise. And even though both of these platforms are very popular and will definitely help you do the job, not both of them will be suitable for every business. In order to help you see whether one of these platforms is the right choice for you are going to be doing a Shopify Plus vs. Magento Enterprise review, so make sure to keep reading.
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Magento Enterprise

The first option that we are going to be talking about is one that is pretty popular and it is in fact one of the first choices for most of the biggest companies out there. If there is one thing that this can tell you immediately is that this really is a platform that is well equipped for the needs of larger businesses. You will get a lot of the tools that you need even in the basic form of the platform, however there is an App Store and you can always go to it if you want to add any functionalities. Magento Enterprise is a web designer’s dream, so if you are someone that understands coding or if you have a team of people that can do that for you, then this really is the option for you. That is because this platform will give you a lot of freedom and since you have access to the code, you will be able to modify and customize every single part of your ecommerce. This will allow you to really work on your branding and give your customers the best experience possible. If you are planning to work internationally, then this is also a good choice since the solution is very scalable and you will have no problem with your ecommerce once you start getting more and more traffic.

Shopify Plus

Now it’s time to talk about Shopify Plus in this Shopify Plus vs. Magento Enterprise review. To start off, we have to tell you that this is a platform that is better suited for a smaller-sized business since this is a platform that was primarily designed for small businesses. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it won’t suit your needs when running an enterprise level business. You will still get all of the most basic tools you could need in every single plan that the solution offers and will also get access to the Shopify App Store which will allow you to add any functionalities that you feel may be lacking and your business might need in order to work properly. When you have an ecommerce the right design can make all of the difference in the world, and Shopify Plus is a leader when it comes to offering the best templates in the business which will help you make sure your ecommerce looks beautiful and extremely professional. This platform doesn’t really give you room for much modification and customization, but if you aren’t that tech-savvy to begin with, then this won’t be much of a problem, and in fact it will make things much easier for you.
Magento Enterprise review
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When looking at this Shopify Plus vs. Magento Enterprise review, we can definitely say that both platforms are great, but both of them will suit different kinds of businesses and business owners. We hope that you found this article helpful and that one of the two platforms will end up being the perfect choice for your enterprise level business.

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